Salmon Watch Ireland is at the forefront of efforts to save endangered Atlantic Salmon from environmental threats, decline, and a downward spiral towards virtual extinction. That may seem like an exaggeration of the risks now facing wild salmon. We do not believe it is an exaggeration, however. Salmon numbers are in alarming decline virtually everywhere, despite all measures taken to preserve them regionally and globally.

Salmon Watch is now taking its second High Court challenge in defence of the salmon, with potential court costs running to a very substantial level. This particular case involves the decision by the Aquaculture Licence Appeals Board to grant a licence to MOWI for a new salmon farm in Bantry Bay. We are very encouraged to see two further cases being run in parallel to our own case. It is particularly relevant and welcome  to see Inland Fisheries Ireland taking a similar Judicial Review.

We appeal to our sponsors and funders, new and old, to redouble their efforts to assist in this noble cause. Please contribute and help preserve wild salmon. All contribution, no matter how small, will be acknowledged and applied in furtherance of the Salmon Watch mission to preserve Wild Atlantic salmon.

In Ireland, as in Europe and North America, the dwindling numbers of salmon returning to our rivers are a mere shadow of former abundance. Their demise is, above all, a reminder of the harmful effects of human interactions on this noble fish. There may now be little time left.

The scale of decline over the past 30 years has been staggering. Indeed, it resembles an unrelenting vortex, which, if left unchecked, will tend towards population collapse.

Salmon Watch Ireland was formed in 2007 by anglers, angling associations, fishery owners, managers, lay people, and salmon experts, in response to this calamitous decline. It has, since then, been consistently engaged in advocacy, lobbying, public relations, litigation, representation, and education to prevent salmon decline.

It assists local organisations in their salmon protection campaigns. The scale of the challenge to salmon survival has nevertheless grown with each passing year. Reduced marine survival, over exploitation, predation, and declining water quality have all been at play. Above all, the adverse impacts of marine salmon farm mediated parasites, pathogens, and interbreeding with salmon farm escapees, all represent formidable threats to survival.

Salmon Watch Ireland is now intensifying its endeavours to meet these threats. It is constantly building its capacity to halt salmon decline and reverse the grim prospects for wild salmon in the years to come. State policy to increase the number of open pen coastal salmon farms is alarming.

You can help in the cause. Please consider providing your support. Individual, group, and corporate contributions are constantly needed to fund the activities of Salmon Watch Ireland.

We also need to bolster our membership base to facilitate a more streamlined and regular financial input to allow us to continue our work. In order to facilitate membership, it is our intention to issue annual reminders to members on 01 February to renew their membership.


It may soon be too late.

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