• Patagonia- Salmon

    “The road to extinction is paved with good intentions”. This is a very apt statement and demonstrates that we as a society have failed to understand the natural world. The three areas examined in this film demonstrates the folly of salmon hatcheries and their effects on wild salmon survival, the damming of rivers which has […]

  • Sea Lice Ireland

    International Year of the Salmon- David Attenborough and Salmon Survival

    Atlantic and Pacific salmon  face many unique problems in today’s world. David Attenborough, a champion of nature, reflects on the perilous state of salmon stocks around the globe and warns that these salmon stocks cannot be saved unless we adapt our behaviour  to protect our vital ecosystems.  

  • Presentation: SWIRL Conference by Inland Fisheries Ireland

    The presentation by Inland Fisheries Ireland demonstrates the stock levels as they exist today. Unfortunately there has been a steady decline in stocks post 2007 as indicated by the counter network across the country. It is not a very encouraging situation and is compounded by many factors both in-stream, near coastal and oceanic influences. With […]

  • Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout Data

    Please see our updated resource center for all your information on salmon and sea trout in Ireland. The resource is updated each week to allow visitors to observe published data from public bodies or private research outlets. Please see our updated fish farming data at Aquaculture Data