• Deenish Island – Waterville Sea Trout Collapse Continues

    The prospect of the Salmon Farm at Deenish Island being restocked with over 400,000 smolts in the coming weeks should fill anglers and conservationists with dismay and anger. The farm was ordered to close by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine in April 2019 for gross over harvesting at the site. The MOWI […]

  • Salmon Hero Award 2022 – Coomhola Salmon Trust

    Mark Boyden receiving the Salmon Hero 2022 Award from John Murphy, Chair Salmon Watch Ireland The very mention of Atlantic salmon in a primary school in Ireland garners the immediate response “Streamscapes” which is the first port of call for educators all over Ireland in matters relating to our rivers and freshwater resources. The excitement […]

  • Recent Scientific and Telemetry Studies concerning Atlantic Salmon

    Salmon Watch Ireland endeavors to keep our support base informed of scientific studies concerning ecological changes in both freshwater and in the marine phase of the Atlantic salmon life cycle. To this end we are initiating a periodical posting which examines such diverse topics as predation, marine ecosystem change , impacts of salmon aquaculture on […]

  • Sea Lice Ireland

    Just a small piece of the extensive articles in today’s Irish Times written by Kevin O Sullivan, Environment and Science Editor and former editor of The Irish Times. Well worth a read and it clearly states the differing opinions regarding salmon farming. We fully support the position of the Department of Environment, Climate Change and […]