Stop Europe’s Dirty Fish Farms – Petition

Stop Europe’s Dirty Fish Farms

To the governments and members of parliament of Iceland, Norway, Scotland and Ireland:

Petition text:

As concerned citizens from across Europe, we urge you to bring a halt to the devastation of wild fish and surrounding ecosystems caused by open net salmon farms. We call on you to impose an immediate ban on new open net farms and commit to phasing out existing ones everywhere.

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  1. Mark Vinter says:

    The owners of these fish farms appear to pay little or no regard to animal welfare; the harvest is considered by many as uneatable and possibly even harmful, as many studies have shown .

  2. Pat Mc Loughlin says:

    Sadly, official Ireland’s latest denial tactic appears to be for ministers to state that salmon farms are only one problem of many – i.e. in plain English, official policy is to continue doing absolutely nothing.

  3. Bob Burbidge says:

    Open cage salmon farms are like the plastic in the seas, chemicals in our rivers and yet another pollution time bomb waiting to be properly recognised and eradicated.

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