Salmon Alert – Bleeding and Skin Ulceration

A small number of salmon are returning to Irish rivers with signs of bleeding and skin ulceration.

Anglers and fishery owners are asked to report incidences of salmon with rash like symptoms to Inland Fisheries Ireland to help determine the scale of the problem nationally.

The salmon who are affected show signs of bleeding, ulceration and haemorrhaging mainly along the area on the belly of the fish and on the head and the tail. Secondary fungal infection normally sets in and may result in death of the salmon.

Inland Fisheries Ireland is working with the Fish Health Unit in the Marine Institute to sample live salmon in affected rivers to determine the cause of the skin disease. Until the cause of the disease has been determined and the risk of spreading the disease established, affected salmon should not be removed from the water.

Any anglers who capture salmon with these symptoms are advised to follow normal biosecurity procedures and disinfect tackle, waders and equipment.

Anglers are asked to forward any reports and/or photographs to or by calling Inland Fisheries Ireland’s 24 hour confidential hotline number on 1890 34 74 24 or 1890 FISH 24.

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