Salmon Hero Award 2022 – Coomhola Salmon Trust

Mark Boyden receiving the Salmon Hero 2022 Award from John Murphy, Chair Salmon Watch Ireland

The very mention of Atlantic salmon in a primary school in Ireland garners the immediate response "Streamscapes" which is the first port of call for educators all over Ireland in matters relating to our rivers and freshwater resources.

The excitement generated by the original "Streamscapes" publication among young students is testimony to how the natural world invigorates and excites and this brainchild of the Coomhola Salmon Trust was and still is a beacon of how much this resource was ahead of its time and indeed is still as relevant today.   

Not confined to Atlantic salmon, Mark Boyden and his team have built an unprecedented educational resource to actively educate  school students, community groups and the general public on all matters relating to water quality and the general well being of our freshwater resources. In existence since 1989, the Coomhola Salmon Trust has over the years instilled a life long impact on all its students and community groups in regard to nurturing a respect for Ireland's aquatic and biodiversity heritage. 


Coomhola Salmon Trust certainly encompasses what all groups interested in the natural environment should aspire to.


Salmon Watch Ireland is delighted to award the "Salmon Hero Award" to the Coomhola Salmon Trust for 2022 in recognition of their inspirational and lifelong devotion to protecting Ireland's aquatic and biodiversity resources. We cannot recommend more highly the resources and practical innovation that the Trust has demonstrated over the last three decades and would strongly suggest that all parties interested in preserving Ireland's natural resources learn more about this truly unique project.


Coomhola Salmon Trust has a myriad of educational publications and has always been at the forefront of protecting Ireland's nature and biodiversity. Coomhola has also a freshwater aquarium built from the unique landscape of the Coomhola catchment which is integrated with the Coomhola River. All the resources can be accessed at Streamscapes Resources and Publications

A Selection of Publications from Coomhola Salmon Trust

To access more about streamscapes please click on following link: Streamscapes Website