Judicial Review – Update

The Judicial Review against the decision by the Aquaculture Licence Appeal Board to award a licence for a salmon farm at Shot Head is progressing well. While we do not as yet have a date for hearing a number of important issues have been dealt with.

On the 29th November a request was put forward by Bradan Teo Fanad trading as MOWI Ireland to move the case to the Commercial Court for hearing. This was subsequently allowed by the presiding judge.

We await further hearings on  02 February 2022. 

Proceedings dealt with by the Commercial Court must have a commercial dimension and generally must have a value of not less than €1m. MOWI Ireland are effectively claiming that they are at a loss which has a value in excess of €1m and thus their application to enter the commercial court.

We will update you on a regular basis post 02 Feb 2022.