Deenish Island – Waterville Sea Trout Collapse Continues

The prospect of the Salmon Farm at Deenish Island being restocked with over 400,000 smolts in the coming weeks should fill anglers and conservationists with dismay and anger. The farm was ordered to close by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine in April 2019 for gross over harvesting at the site. The MOWI owned farm which is less than nine kilometers from Lough Currane has always been a strong source of controversy regarding its effect on sea trout and salmon stocks.

Marine Institute Hydro Study - Extent of particle distribution from Deenish Island Site - This is strongly linked to distribution of sea lice larvae

A Tragedy for Watervilles Salmon and Sea Trout

The appeal mechanism being relied upon by MOWI included a judicial review in the High Court which was adjourned to allow the appeal go to the Aquaculture Licence Appeals Board. This board has had over three years to make a determination but has failed to do so and will not do so before September 2023. This is a disgraceful scenario which effectively allows the farm to continue operations pending a determination of their appeal.

The Aquaculture Licence Appeals Board in this case appear to be acting in the interests of MOWI with little regard for the wild salmon and sea trout resource in Waterville. It is interesting to note that there is now no wild fish representatives on this board and we strongly suggest that the board has little interest in wild salmonids and has demonstrated this by their abject failure to reach a timely determination.

Meanwhile sea trout stocks are now extremely poor and the prospect of recovery is being eroded with each passing year. The upcoming stocking at the site will effectively allow the continuation of this tragic outrage for a further two years.

It is time that the independence of this board is strongly questioned. Being financed and effectively controlling its composition, the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine has also serious questions to answer.

We will be appending this note to our EU Complaint to demonstrate the serious malpractice evident in the workings of ALAB and DAFM.

We are asking our supporters to send this link to their local representatives and ask their assistance in bringing this situation to a positive conclusion which favours the vastly important sea trout and salmon resource in Waterville County Kerry.

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