• Salmon Farming:Complaint to the Commission of the European Communities about the Government of Ireland’s failure to comply with Community law.

    Subject of Complaint: Fisheries (Amendment) Act 1997, Ireland, hereafter referred to as the ‘Act’.  Salmon Watch Ireland has launched a Complaint to the Commission of European Communities. This complaint focuses on Sections of the Fisheries Act 1997 which permits the continuation of salmon farm licences which have expired. This is certainly a situation whereby the […]

  • Request for Atlantic salmon conservation initiatives in month of September

      Salmon Watch Ireland is asking the angling community to help preserve Atlantic salmon stocks by returning all salmon during the month of September. The background to this request is that the Atlantic salmon has faced a devastating downward spiral over the last number of decades but the past number of years have demonstrated an […]

  • AGM Remarks by Chair John Murphy

    Remarks by John Murphy,  chair of the board of Salmon Watch Ireland CLG, to the company’s annual general meeting on Monday 19th June 2023.   Welcome to Salmon Watch Ireland’s AGM for 2022 being conducted by Zoom. This meeting is primarily held to conform with our obligations under the Companies Act. 2022 was a year […]

  • High Court Case – Judicial Review

    The High Court Judicial Review Case involving Salmon Watch Ireland in regard to the granting of a licence by the Aquaculture Licence Appeal Board has finished. The case was conducted over four weeks and involved Salmon Watch along with Inland Fisheries Ireland and Sweetman and others including FISSTA against the Aquaculture Licence Appeals Board and […]

  • Irish Times Article -Tim Mc Cormick

    Are Open-Pen Salmon Farms Really Sustainable? Open-pen salmon farms have been encouraged here. But how well do they fit these criteria? Salmon farmers frequently proclaim the sustainability of their industry, claiming that they are eco-friendly and are creating a new blue revolution with their protein rich product. But increasingly their claims are being questioned on […]